Anatomy of a lead capture page
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Anatomy of a lead capture page

I’ve talked about the importance of building your list and using a lead capture page for years…

(you can always refer back to this previous post on the subject of list building)

This article will focus on the basics of what a lead capture page should consist of as well as a few tips.

  • Your Ad Copy

Your ad copy (the text on your pages) is as important as the design. In fact some say even more important.

Start with your headline. This is a hard and fast rule: your lead capture page must have a powerful headline. That is the first thing your prospect is going to look at when he/she visits your web site. Not having a headline is like looking at a headless person!

Your headline serves as an advertisement to your prospects. Your headline must grab the attention of your visitors immediately.

Here is a recommended copy layout a lead capture page:

-Your main headline

-A subhead

-A few bullets providing the benefits. Note that benefits are different then features.

Use the ‘WIIFM’ RULE: What’s in it for me…Your ad copy should speak to your prospect directly… use the word YOU and ME. Eliminate the use of the word ‘I’.

– Call To Action: Tell them what you want them to do. Example, Simply enter your name and email address in the form below, and you’ll gain instant access.

– A simple privacy statement is also recommended.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep the opt in form above the fold. This means that it can be seen without having to scroll down the page.
  • Videos are HOT right now. A powerful video on your lead capture page can completely eliminate the need for much ad copy. I’ve seen high conversions with no more than a really compelling video and an optin form.
  • The less information you ask for on your form, the higher chance your visitor will sign up. The more fields of required information you ask for on your form, the more ‘friction’ you are adding to the process. At most, ask for name and email address.
  • Bonus offer or incentive

Consider offering some sort of bonus or incentive to your new subscribers- something other then the promise of more information. The bonus itself should tie into your main offer.

It can be a free report…software, maybe you have a CD to offer…or record an audio or video presentation.

Hope this helps out,


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  1. Very good information. Been looking for this but couldn’t find around the web.

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