Article Writing Tips
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Article Writing Tips

I have written many articles myself over the years and I can tell you that a large amount of the traffic I get to my sites come from writing and submitting articles.

If you can’t write an article you should have a couple written for you by a decent writer. These articles are a gold mine of traffic, Page Rank, and of course establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

You can also consider private label rights articles as a good starting point. Just remember to use the content as just that- a starting point. Don’t use private label article content completely as-is. Be sure to add your own personality to the article and your own thoughts and feedback on the subject.

Your article should have:

• A great title – this is no different than using something catchy in an ad.

• A Great TOPIC – if no one is interested in what you are writing about why should you expect anyone to publish it?

• A resource box to “close” the sale.

• And above all you have to promote it. Submit it to several directories. Link to it in your forum signatures, link to it from your websites. If you do this – it will get published.

Don’t forget to proofread your article – bad grammar can kill its effectiveness.

1. Create your article

Your article should have between 500 and 1000 words and should offer tips and information on a specific topic. Make your readers feel like they’ve learned something. Do not use your article strictly as an advertising ploy with links to websites. You will get the publicity back to your website from your authors bio that you’ll include at the end of your article.

2. Write your Author’s biography.

Write an Introduction Letter to include with your article when submitting it to publishers. Your article will be placed at the end of your intro letter. Be sure to use text only… not html.

3. Send Your Article.

Once you’ve written the article, post it to your blog and submit it to some of the many article directories available online.

There are literally hundreds of places to submit your articles. Make sure you post in as many places as you have time for


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