How To Setup Your Autoresponder Messages- Part 3
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How To Setup Your Autoresponder Messages- Part 3

In the first tutorial I explained the 2 types of email messages , plain text and html. In this final tutorial about setting up your autoresponder messages, I’m going to show you how easy it is to create professional looking emails in which ever format you prefer.

Creating and Formatting a Plain Text Message:

1. Open your Notepad program. Use this to compose your message. Most computers have this already installed.

2. At the top you will see File- Edit- Format- View- Help

Click on ‘Edit’ – Select All;

Click Edit again- Copy

3. Open your browser and go to This is a free formatting program. It will help you make your line breaks and character spacing uniform.

4. Scroll down to the ‘Cut and Paste’ method

Right click in the box; then choose ‘paste’

5. Set the Desired column width to 50 – 60 characters wide

6. Click Submit and your text is formatted for you.

7. Highlight and copy it as is from the text box.

8. Go to your autoresponder program, create new message- then paste this text into the Text message area of your autoresponder. Give your message a subject line ( such as Thanks for subscribing to ‘the name of your newsletter’ ) Then Save your message.

How to create an HTML message in Outlook Express

If you have Outlook Express, this is a very simple way to create the HTML code needed to send an email message…(even a simple webpage) HTML is a language that your computer understands. It reads this code and turns into colored text, bolding and images. Most marketers don’t know how to write this code themselves, that’s what web designers are for, right? Well, sometimes you just want to create a professional , eye catching email or maybe a very basic webpage but you don’t want to hire a web designer to do it for you. Here’s an easy way to do it yourself:

Open Outlook Express and click on ‘New Mail’ or ‘Create Mail’ depending on the version.

From the top menu options, Select ‘Format’.

In the drop down menu select ‘Rich Text (HTML)’.

Again, from the top menu options, select ‘View’.

In the drop down menu, you’ll want to be sure you have ‘toolbars’, ‘status bar’ and ‘source edit’ all checked.

You will now notice a tool bar appear with several buttons for formatting your email. This will allow you to select text color, size and the font of your message. You can also insert images into the message.

You will also see 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen.
“Edit”, “Source” and “Preview”

You will create your message in ‘edit’ mode, simply typing in your text in your desired font and color, spacing, alignment and then inserting any images.

Want to create a link to your website?

Simply highlight the text or click on the image, then click on the ‘hyperlink’ icon on the toolbar. (this looks like a globe with a chainlink)

Type in the url of the website you are linking to. Once your message is created, you can click the ‘Preview’ button at the bottom of the page.

From here you can see how it will look when it is sent and can test your links.

Now about the ‘Source’ button at the bottom…

Clicking on ‘Source’ will reveal to you the HTML code of your message. This is needed in many autoresponders in order to send an html message in their system. This code is also needed if you are wanting to post a simple web page.

To get this code to use, click on ‘source’;

Click on ‘edit’ at top of page; then ‘select all’.

Click on ‘edit again and choose ‘copy’.

Now you can paste this html code into your autoresponder message or any other program you need it for.

You have just created your own HTML email !

Important Tips when using HTML messages:

• Do not write your message in 18-point Impact Red or other “flashy” font styles and sizes. This does not draw attention to your product; it draws attention to your inexperience. It’s perfectly acceptable to use color in your autoresponder messages, and in fact may help to strengthen that three-second lead time by pulling attention to those compelling subheads you wrote (you did write compelling subheads, didn’t you?). But for the most part, keep your entire message in the same font and type size, using emphasis like color, bold and italics sparingly for effect.

• Do not stuff your messages with “cool” graphics, animated smileys, or a dreaded Flash presentation. This slows down load time considerably, and many people won’t wait for your incredible pictures to appear on the screen

I hope you found this tutorial series to be helpful,


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