How to setup your own wordpress blog in 5 minutes
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How to setup your own wordpress blog in 5 minutes

(Video tutorial coming soon.)

If you have Fantastico in your webhosting control panel you can set up wordpress in about 5 minutes. Cpanel hosting is fairly common and its very likely you have it.

1. Login to your hosting control panel. Typically you would login by typing /cpanel after your domain name such as You will then be asked for your username and password. Be sure to check your hosting account documentation if needed.

2. Once you login, you’ll see several icons.

Look for the Fantastico icon that looks like this:

Click on the icon.

You’ll then be taken to the Fantastico installation wizard and a list of over 30 scripts available for installation will be listed on the left of this page. They are listed by category so you’ll want to look under the ‘Blogs’ catigory. Under blogs you should see WordPress listed.

Click on WordPress.

You should now be at the WordPress installation page. WordPress will be displayed in the box to the right. Look for the link that says, ‘New Installation’ and click on it.

Next you’ll see a page that asks you several questions. Don’t let these scare you away though…it’s very easy.

Installation location

Install on domain : if you have just one domain on this hosting account you will only have one option here. If you are hosting multiple domains, choose the domain you want to install wordpress on from the drop down list.

Install in directory : Leave this field empty to install wordpress in the root directory of the domain . An example would if you want to access your blog by just going to

If you want the blog in a seperate area (directory) of your domain you would provide the name of the directory here to create. An example would be if you want to access your blog by going to then you would enter blog in this field.

Admin access data

Administrator-username : Choose a username to access the admin area of your blog.

Password: Choose a password to access the admin area of your blog.

Base configuration- these are some basic setting for your blog, such as how the admin is displayed whether by using your full name or a nickname. Here you would setup the administrator email address, your site/blog name and description. Any of these can be changed in your blogs admin panel at any time after installation.

Admin nickname

Admin e-mail (your email address)

Site name

E-mail account configuration
E-mail account username
E-mail account password
POP/SMTP server
POP/SMTP server port

Click on ‘Install WordPress’ button.

That’s it! Your wordpress blog will be installed and you’ll see confirmation of this on the next page.

You’ll want to highlight , copy and paste the installation information displayed on the next page and save it somewhere to refer to later. This information includes login information to your wordpress admin area.

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