Intro To Blogging
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Intro To Blogging

What is a Blog?
They are a hot topic. Everyone seems to have one or they are talking about starting one. In fact, your reading one now.

In my virtual assistant business, I’ve been recommending my clients setup blogs in addition to their websites to enhance their marketing for a couple of years now. Recently, I’ve suggested they choose to setup and use a blog ‘instead’ of a typical ‘static’ website and here’s why…

1. Blogs are simple to setup and inexpensive to maintain

2. By nature blogs are fresh in content so search engines love them

3. Blogs are very easily updated by you the user from a simple admin area. No HTML skills required. If you can type an email, you can post to your blog.

4. As blog themes, especially wordpress themes have gotten more sophisticated they can easily be used as a content management system (CMS) and won’t even have to ‘look’ like a typical blog.

I could go on and on about the benefits of blogs but the main point I want to get across is that blogs are now mainstream so you should start thinking seriously about blogging.

Blogs or webLogs are simply an online journal, organized in chronological order. Blogs have been around for years; mostly used for personal websites. Most normally focus on a single topic or theme and allow visitors to add comments, thus creating an interactive dialog between owner and visitors.

Until now, blogs have been its own little niche on the Internet. But more and more are using blogs. Businesses, small and large, are increasingly adding blogs to their marketing repertoire. Search Engines love them…peope love to read them. What does this mean to you? Increased Traffic and Sales!

Internet Marketers are branding themselves better, attracting a bigger following, building their web site traffic, increasing their sales and making more money online through the magic of RSS & Blogs.

Should you be a “Blogger”?

One word – YES! Blogs are a great way to really drive the Search Engines where you want them to go plus they generate a ton of traffic if you write well.

Recommended Blogging Resources: It’s free and hosted, simple to get started. You just signup, choose a template and your ready to go. Your blog is hosted by wordpress so you would not need hosting with this option. Good way to get started blogging in the beginning.

WordPress Pro: The software is still free but it does need to be installed on a web hosting account. This way offers more flexibility and features than the hosted wordpress blog above does.

WordPress Tutorials -Learn To Blog Today with WordPress. Easy to follow, Comprehensive, beginner-and-advanced, non-geek-speak, audio/video tutorials to help you blog for fun & profit! I highly recommend it!

Happy Blogging,


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