Seven Traits of an Entrepreneur
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Seven Traits of an Entrepreneur

1. As is the case in ANY new venture, there IS a learning curve. Expect it!

2. FEED your Mind
Successful people ALWAYS FEED their mind with good material. If you want to be successful, DO what successful people DO.

Do you know what every home in America valued at $250,000.00 or more has in common? Each and every one of them have a LIBRARY. A built in, dedicated room called a LIBRARY. Do you think this is just coincidence?

Dedicate 15 minutes each day to reading an empowering book or tape.

3. Realize that our Personal Income will never exceed our Personal Growth.

You see, success is an inside job. Meaning, that if you focus on your own personal growth and development, you will begin attracting the right individuals to both your personal and professional life. And, always remember, Success is a Process, not a Payoff! It is not an event or destination. It is an ongoing process.

4. Posture! You are the CEO of YOUR own company….this is a BUSINESS!

Treat your business AS A BUSINESS: Too many times, people view their ‘side’ business as a ‘hobby’. I PROMISE, if you treat this as a hobby, you will earn only hobby money.

5. Eliminate FEAR!

Man’s greatest enemy is his own comfort zone. If you are unwilling to stretch, you’ve already reached your maximum potential.

Quick question for you…

Would you prefer to be an entrepreneur, or an employee?

If you’re like most, you answered “an entrepreneur, of course.”

After all, who wouldn’t want to be in control of their own life? To have the freedom to make their own decisions, work their own hours, and write their own pay check?

Yet surprisingly an estimated 200 million Americans want to start their own business, but have never even attempted it!

It’s not because they would rather continue working for someone else….it’s the FEAR of starting their own business that stops them from even getting started.

Here are the 4 Fears that prevent people from starting their own business…

It takes too much money

It takes too much time

There’s too much risk

and the most common fear… They didn’t know how

If Fear is keeping you from getting started then consider the following…

With an Internet home business you can get started for under $500.. the total time investment could be as little as 5-15 hours a week, you could continue to work in your present job until the income from your business was sufficient to earn you at least an equal income, so there is little risk, and best of all, there is an abundance of free help and support available to you.

Fear Eliminated!!

6. Commit to a full 90 Days! YES- 90!

For the next 90 days you are committed to starting your internet business. Stay focused and positive. Continually remind yourself that you CAN do this. I also recommend you keep the negative people out of your life if at all possible during this time. Do not allow yourself to second guess or doubt yourself for 90 days. Don’t let anything get in your way of success.

7. “Quitting is NOT an option”….

Some go fast, others go slow, but one thing is for sure…the only way to fail is to quit!

To your success,


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